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How It Works

       Classic cars are highly sought after for weddings and events. We know that a lot of classic cars sit around just waiting to be seen. Here at Coachman & Co we want to help you make money with your beautiful classic car. First, you will fill out the form below containing the information about your car. If your car is a great fit for us, we will come take pictures and discuss more details about the process. We will then list your car on our website and social media platforms to help put extra money in your pocket! We do all of the hard work for you. You just sit back and watch your car be a part of someone's special day!

Ideal Vehicle: Black or white, 4 door, near perfect inside and outside. All submissions are welcome!

Submission Form

IMPORTANT: Once you submit your form, please email us a photo of the car at We will the contact you by phone if we are interested in partnering with you.

Thank you for your submission!

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